Friday, May 21, 2010

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Is he Mr. Right?

Think your Mr. Next has the potential to be Mr. Right? Before you leap without looking, take an honest inventory. See how many of the following five essential traits he possesses.
Dating Trait #1: He listens to you
The best way to know if Mr. Next is interested in (and worthyof) being a candidate for Mr. Right? He listens to you. You'll know he's listening when he shows genuine concern, consistently remembers things you've told him (your birthday, favorite food, best friend's name, etc.), and offers emotional support in honest and thoughtful ways.
Dating Trait #2: He connects with you easily
We've all been in those relationships that take W-O-R-K (and suck the life force out of us in the process). When a relationship works on its own, it feels effortless, easy, and fluid. You don't have to force anything, forgive anyone, or turn a blind eye to red flags or gut-twisters. Instead, you communicate and collaborate with comfort, compatibility, and undeniable chemistry. If and when you experience this kind of interaction, you are on to something really special.
Dating Trait #3: He wants the real you
So often, women feel the need to sacrifice some part of themselves to make a relationship work. In the right relationship, there's no need. You don't have to hide, tone down, or apologize for any aspect of you or your fabulous life. With the right partner, you're not only able to be yourself, but you're better able to be the best version of your most authentic self -- no compromises needed.

Dating Trait #4: He's trustworthy
A relationship without trust is doomed from the start. But a relationship with abundant trust? A fabulous foundation for real and lasting love! Built over time, trust is based on the simple belief system that your partner has your best interests at heart and will never intentionally hurt you (and vice versa). If and when you discover that Mr. Next is 100 percent trustworthy, you'll have no trouble giving your heart to him. In return, he'll most likely give you his heart and pave the way for a lasting, loving relationship to unfold.
Dating Trait #5: He enriches your life
In the wrong relationship, your partner tears you to emotional shreds, brings you down, and in general drains your energy. In the right relationship, he enriches your life, inspires you to be your best self, and brings a sense of peace and possibility to you. You'll know Mr. Next is enriching your life if and when he encourages and supports you professionally, personally, and spiritually. And when he does, he may just be Mr. Right!
Does your Mr. Next possess all five qualities? If so, congratulations! You have done your homework, chosen wisely, and are now well positioned for relationship success.
If not, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back into the dating pool with a clearer understanding of who you want to date. Remember, finding your life partner isn't always easy, but by being clear, honoring yourself, and acting accordingly, you'll cut down on wasted time with Mr. Wrong and Mr. Next, and ultimately make room for Mr. Right. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gave up shopping

As an Catholic, this is the time of year when we have to give up something for lent. Lent, is a Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter. This lent season last for 40 days, where we have to "give up" or "fasting" for any kind of food, festivities, and by other acts of penance. Some people gave up meat, smoking, alcohol, clubbing, fast foods, and for me, i gave up SHOPPING.  Yes, shopping is one my fave thing to do when i am bored, sad, depressed, happy, any mood i am, shopping makes me happy. =D.  And so far, i am doing a good job for not shopping for almost a month.  There are times when i feel  tempted, but other things distract me so the urge to shop stop. =] But once in awhile, i would wander my eyes here and there... I've been eying on these for a while now and just want to share with you all. =]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey everyone, i know i been skipping blogging again, but i have my reasons for the cause of that. My car got stolen last week and i've been weeping over it since now. It did not came back fully recovered, so i had to let the car go.  Now i have to look for a car to buy which really sucks cuz i am dead broke! This has been a bad year for me, i donno what God plans is for me but as of now, i am stressed about everything! Money, car, school, blah blah blah...i hope blogging again will be my stress reliever so i don't have to weep over this bad luck tragic!  Tutorials and month favs. things will be posted up soon.  Hope you all have a nice week!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kristin's maternity pictures

My friend Kristin just gave birth to a healthy baby girl last month, these are a few shots that i took of her 2 weeks before she gave birth. The theme i was going for was simple and sweet, we  basically took these pictures right inside/out my house!  I love all of the shots because she just look so cute being pregnant!

Place: My home
Model: Mommy Kristin
Camera: Canon 40D
Lens: 50mm, 1.8






Friday, February 19, 2010

The other side of me.

I recently told you all that my other hobby is photography, i've studying and taking pictures for around 2 months now.  My two real photoshoots that i took myself is my friend's maternity pictures and my sister's engagement session.  For now, i will be posting my sis's engagements pictures first, we took about 500+ pictures, and these are the few that i edit so far. Hope you all like it. =D

Location: Balboa Island
Time: 4:00 -5:00PM
Couple: Van and Tin
Camera: 40D
Lens: 17-40mm and 50mm, 1.8










More to come...!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend Flashback

Hey everyone, the last weekend had been busy for me. As you might know, on Valentine's Day weekend was also the celebration of Chinese New Year. I went to many places like "Tet" shopping, carnival, temple, and eating out with my close ones, I had a great weekend and wanted to show what i did. Enjoy! =]

Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome back!

Hey everyone, i know its been awhile since the last time i blog, just so busy with many things and haven't caught up blogging! Well i just want to say that i am back! Just want to say Happy New Year to those that follow my blog these past years. My new year resolution for this year is to blog, blog, blog! =] Just blog about everything, my travel trips, beauty, fashion, photography, and everything else! I been traveling to a couple of places these past months since summer, and wanted to share with you all where i went(That will be posted later). So please stick by me all the way! I really need your support to make this blog better!

My second new year's resolution is to also carry out my interests more. I love photography for a long time but never really got a chance to do anything about it. So this year, i am saving up money for a camera and lens to start off my "obsession" LOL. For now i am using my BF's camera. I been playing around with it this past month and i am LOVING it! I have a Flickr website and will posting that up for you all to see soon.

Anyways, back to beauty, i really admired Rhianna's makeup whenever she's on red carpet. So this is one of the inspiration i found really chic and cute on her and wanted to try it out for myself.


My take on her look. =]
1. I use regular black gel liner to make a winged look, after that, i use a blue color glitter pencil and traced around the top of the black eyeliner.
 2. This is what it look like, added with some falsies.
 3. Then i use a brow orange blush on my cheeks, what i am using here is Mac Melba blush color.
4. Next apply a fuchsia color lipstick, this is Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick 

5. The finish look! Hope you guys like it!

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