Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gel liner review and new Layout!!!

How do you guys like my new layout??? So far i am liking it, but there are some problems that i still need to figure out.

Anywayssss..I had a hard time buying the coastalscents gel liners in the color True Black, they are always been out of stock and I just couldn't wait any longer. So I went on ebay to check out some shadows palette they had, and I found this SELLER that also sell the gel liners the same as Coastalscents. I was so thrill because they were "in stock".

Anywho, so I got myself the gel liner in True Black , 66 lip palette (coastalscents was out of those too), and the 28 blush palette. The shipping took around 2 weeks since it was shipped from China. I will do the review on those palettes soon because I am waiting for the 120 e/s palette to arrive home so I can do all the reviews at once. But for now, I want to do the review on the Gel Liner. And seriously, I LOVE this liner! I think even more than the Mac fluidline! =P

-easy to work with
-the color are darker than the fluidline
-creamy, a tad creamier than the Mac fluidline
-smudge proof!!
-last a long time!!!


I really recommend this gel liner! My JANE gel liner is so dry up now,
I had to blow dry it for it to melt a lil bit to use. =[

Here is a picture with the gel liner in true black
(my nail color is China Glaze in Spontaenous)

Even after I washed my face, the gel liner is still on. It really means what it claims! LOL

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog template help

Hey guys, i am getting tired of the layout on my blog and really need to update it, however, if i change my layout, some of my widgets will be gone, like my followers, ads, etc. There is a way to keep all this but I am not a computer pro so I can't edit some codes, I did google but havent find a way yet. My friend tried and helped me. But it doesnt work. So if any of you guys know how to save some widgets for a new template please let me know!!! Thank you so much! If not, I will be updating this blog layout soon and will lost everything. So if any of you are my followers, thanks for following and if you don't see any update from me, its because of the widgets that got deleted. I will add it up again once I get a new layout. Sorry for the inconvience.

Clinique cream cleanser review

Hey girls, sorry for the long update, I've been studying for my Bio class and don't have time to do any fotds, or reviews. Please forgive. =]. Anyways, I went to the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) at The Block yesterday and found this Clinique cream cleanser that also removes your makeup and leave your skin healthy and soft looking without that dull dryness. Sounds decieving, so I bought it for around $14.00, orginal price is around $17.oo.

The reason I bought this was because I need a face cleanser that actually removes my makeup and those stubborn waterproof mascara. I don't like using makeup removers so muchbecause they have so much oil residue on my face after. So yea, I finally found the face cleanser I needed but become very dissappointed after I used it! =[

I wanted to test it out to see if it does really means what it said, so I put on my waterproof mascasra and gel liners in a torquois and black color. After I apply on the cream and gently rub it around my eyes to remove the makeup, then wash my face with water, but it hasn't completely comes off! So I had to do it again! Yes, it was very dissappointing that it doesn't removes my makeup as it said. If any of you guys know any other cleansers that can removes makeup please let me know!

Rating: 2/5

See how there are still some makeup left around my eyes??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mac HK glitter liner review

As many of you girls know, I bought this glitter liner from he Mac hello kitty collection and wanted to test to see how it turns out, and you guessed it right, I LOVE IT!! It is not like any glitter liners you see, its pigmented, sparkly, dries quickly and actually stays on your skin! I love this glitter liner so much and now I am thinking of buying more colors at Mac! I especially love this color because its so natural and sparkly, it great for just going out on the daily basis, because it doesn't make you feel like you have to wear this for the night life only. I recommend this Mac glitter liner for anyone who loves glitter and aren't afraid to use them!!

( I havent tried any other brand besides Mac, I heard that NYX has glitter liners too but don't know if they are as good as Mac)

-comes in great colors, dries fast, pigmented, and lasts for long time!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty haul and FOTD

Hey girls! I went to Mac yesterday and got myself a little HK haul that most every beauty blogger has been talking about. I must admit that I was anxiously waiting for the HK to come out. I got myself a NC40 lidquid foundation, HK Lucky Tom e/s palette, Her Glitz glitter eyeliner, and She Loves Candy lipgloss. I know that I didnt buy much because I plan to save money for the brush sets they have. Anyways, I am still debating to get the second e/s palette, what do you guys think???

SO here is my look on th Lucky Tom palette.

- Mac select spf 15 foundation
-Mac pressed powder in NC35
-Mac blush in True Romantic
-CS contour palette

-HK Lucky Tom e/s palette ( used all the colors)
-Mac fluidline in Blacktrack
-Soft Orche as a base

-HK lipgloss in She Loves Candy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FOTD: Smokey Blue

My smokey blue look for today. I am feeling the blues lately so thats why I been doing many blues and purples for my eyeshadows. Hopefully when I get better I will do more vibrant colors!! Oooh yea, I have been eye-ing on this 120 Manly E/s palette, but still hestitating, if any of you guys got that palette already, please let me know if I should get it! Thanks!!!

What I have on:

-mac cream base in Hush
-mac e/s Deep Truth, Electric Eel, Soft Brown and Nylon
-Jane gel liner in black
-NYX dolleye mascara

-La Femme blush in Stormy Rose

-Jordana nude lip gloss. No name

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CD eyeshadow palette

Hey girls, sorry been so long since i blog again...Anyways, remember when i got my Flirt! eyeshadow palette? Well, since it was in the box, and there was so lid or anything, so i had to come up with an idea of where to put all those. I saw couple tutorials on Youtube showing how to make your eyeshadow palette using a cd case. I got the idea from EnkoreMakeup, so check him out on Youtube! I really admire his makeup skills and ideas! Here is my result. There were some extra e/s so i tried to make it all fit in one of the palette.

What I used to make this palette is just simply a old cd case, and glue or tape to adhesed on the e/s to the cd case.

I cordinate the colors from purples to pinks, browns, blues to green. Hope you guys find this helpful!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FOTD: Valentine's look Blues and Pinks

Hey again! This week is a busy week for since I start school again...urggh.. Anywho, I know Valentine's Day is coming soon and I came up with another look for you guys! This look fall to the category of blues, purples and pinks. For these shadows colors, I use my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette. I used to love shimmer shadows very much, but now I don't anymore because when I take pictures, my eyes seem to come off really shiny. So I am planning to get the 88 regular palette with more satin and matte finishes.

What I have on:
-Scandalous e/s base
-88 shimmer palettes(uses mostly blues, and pinks)
-NYX Dollface mascara in black volume
-Jane gel liner

-La Femme blush in rusted rose

-Lip palette i got from VN, its a light magenta color

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