Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FOTD: Valentine's Day look and wavy hair tutorial

Hey girls, yesterday I went to Sally's beauty supply store to get myself a hair curler. I've been searching online to find the perfect hair curler, but its always been the expensive kind, which I can't afford! So I just went to Sally's and got myself a Jilbere 1 inch hair curler, and its a pretty good one out of the other brands I got at Walmart. Its cost $30.00 for this curler, heats up to 395 degree Fahrenheit and I think it might be worth it!

I did this tutorial on how to do wavy hair, its pretty well said and done with the pictures!

My makeup look for this FOTD is basically using Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack, NYX Eucalyptus round lipstick and some falsies! Very retro but fun look for V-day! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. This is me with straight hair

2. Section your hair in half and start to curl the bottom part like so...

3. Leave it for about 8-10 seconds and take it out, it will look similar to this..

4. The outcome when I curl all of it

5. After its been curl, use your hands to comb through the curls(don't worry if it get straight, we'll get to the hairspray)

6. Then use your finger to twist the curl into place.

7. So it would look like this

Finish look!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FOTD: Purples and Magenta

I think its been awhile since I do FOTDs, but here is another one for yah. This look is my first look on purple and magenta I think...? =/.

I would say this look will be great for Valentine's Day since I know most ladies who will be going on dates and spending time with their love ones. So I created this look using magentas and purples! Hope you guys like it. I think I will use this look for my date for V-day! LOL

What I have on:

-Mac Ladyblush cream blush
-Mac blush in Spaced Out (LE) on top of my cream blush


-Mac Pearl cream colour base
-Mac e/s in Hepcat 3/4 of the lid
-Kat Von D. e/s palette in the color Rad Purple on the outer corner of my lid
-Mac e/s Soft Brown on top of the purples
-Mac e/s Nylon on the brow bone
-Jane gel liner
-Mac brow shader in Walnut


-Mac lipstick in Honeylove
-Christian Dior lipgloss in #277

Like my new scarf?? I got it at my local fashion clothes store!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year! and Mac 25% off haul

Happy Lunar New Year and Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Sorry I been lacking blogging lately. Since getting ready for the Tet celebration and such. I wish everyone to have a great year with many luck, health and succeed in everything you do!

So there was a Mac sale 25% around 3 weeks ago and of course I had to take that great chance to buy something off on Mac website. My package arrives about 7-10 days after I purchase my order. I bought about 10 items using my Mac gift card I got from Christmas! I was kind of disappointed that some of the things on Mac was either sold out or out of stock!

What I bought:

  1. Studio fix in NC37
  2. Concealer in NC35
  3. Brush 163
  4. Brush 108
  5. 2 foundation pump
  6. Powder press in NC35
  7. Eyeliner in Engrave
  8. Lipstick in Honeylove
  9. Paintpot in Blackground

From L to R: concealer in NC35 and Studio Fix in NC37

This is what it looks like when I blend it out to my skin (both have very good coverage)

Mac lipstick in Honeylove (matte finish nude color)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FOTD: Browns and Teals

Yesterday I did this look using browns and teals, I love these 2 colors combination! I used the Teal color under the waterline. I also use NYX hot magenta color lipstick in Eucalyptus. Hope you guys like this look!!

What I have on:
These are the colors e/s, base, cheeks and contour that I did on my look yesterday. I've been lazy lately and need to start labeling my mac e/s so I can remember the names on them, so for today I took a picture of what shadows I use on this look!

The green e/s palette is the one I got from Viet Nam during my summer vacation. And the Pink palette you see on the far right is my La Femme blushes! The little jar by the corner is my Scandalous e/s base.

Missha BB Cream review

I heard sooooo many reviews on BB cream from many beauty bloggers and wanted to try it out for myself! I didn't purchase this BB cream, one of my friend and I talked about it but never really wanted to buy it to try it out, since for my skin color, I think BB cream fits better for fair skin color only. So all of the sudden my friend went to this Japanese beauty store and got me this Missha BB cream. It was very sweet of her to get this for me!

She told me that she got the darkest color for me, since I did told her that the cream would be much lighter for my skin. Which it is a little bit lighter for me. I did a review on it and hope you will find this helpful. In my opinion I think BB cream looks better for those who has fair to light skin because for tan skin like me, you can tell the difference from my face and neck color.

My bare skin w/o BB cream

With BB cream

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scandalous e/s base review

Many asked me if I can do a review on the Scandalous e/s base, here it is...I tested out with the TFSI and Mac paint, the results to come really well, there are not many cons on these bases, the Scandalous base are as good as other, one thing about it though is that the Scandalous base doesn't dry as fast as the TFSI and the Mac paint, its stays more creamy. So its a good thing that the eyeshadow can be apply more vibrant! The shadow I am using is Mac Satin Taupe. Hope yall find this helpful for the next time you want to purchase Scandalous Cosmetics!

No Flash

With Flash

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mini Haul

I went to the mall today and got myself a mini haul from Mac and Scandalous Cosmetics. Since the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection came out, I wanted to try the LE 226 brush to see whats its like. And I also bought a eyeshadow from the BBR collection in 100 Strokes. They have many other new colors that are nice too but only this one caught my eyes.

Many of you may not know what is Scandalous Cosmetics is, click on the link. I bought this shadow base because I saw a video review from makeupartistamateur on youtube. And really wanted to try it out. So yes, maybe this may be the best eye primer so far for me...heheh

Credits to makeupartistamateur.

Scandalous eyeshadow base

Mac BBR e/s in 100 Strokes

Mac 226 crease blending brush

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kat Von D. Eyeshadow palette

So I went to Sephora many weeks ago during the holiday seasons and got myself this palette. At first, it wasn't like I was planning to get it, I was just looking at Nars products, but ended up not buying anything. As I was about to leave, I saw this Kat Von D. eyeshadow palette and did a lil swatch, and WOW the color was so pigmented, I had to buy it! Most colors are very wearable and decent looking. So here is some swatches on it! I really recommend you guys buy this palette, it only cost around $30, with 8 shadows, now that is a Stealer!

This is swatch without any base!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Hey guys, Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry due to my lack of postings, I've been so busy these past weeks because of the holidays, partying, hanging out with my girlfriends, boyfriend, family, and also at work, blah blah. I have some haul from Mac and Sephora but haven't get a chance to post it up yet. Which I will soon! So hold on tight. Hope everyone have a great this coming 2009 and make those Resolutions work!!! LOL

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