Sunday, September 21, 2008

JW cosmetics

Sorry i been lacking posts lately becuz i was being a lazy bum...hehe anywho, i went to Lizz's blog and read her reviews bout JW gel liners and wanted to try them out! The colors looked great on her swatches so i said why not? I wanted to try them becuz I only have ONE MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, and i wanted some other new colors. The shipping was pretty fast so thats a plus! YOu can purschase them at

Tarzanite is a deep shimmery purple and Marcasite is a black with lil and shimmers glitters in them. They also have other great colors too but i just buy 2 first to see how its like.

PROS: Fast shipping and nice packaging, colors are pigmented.

CONS: I donno why is it just me or its just whenever i do swatches on my hands, its easier for the colors to show. But when i put them on my eyes, i had to do serveral layers for it to show. =[ And when it does show, it showed that i put too much on and it becomes chunky.

OVERALL: I wouldn't purchase them again becuz i hate having to put serveral layers of makeup on my face for the colors to show. That includes eyeshadows or lipsticks. It just takes too much time and it also shows that the quality of the product is not good.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Mac Hauls

Hey everybody!!! I think i am starting to be an Mac addict again!!!! Today i went to the mall and bought 3 things from Mac...I bought Neon-Sci-fi Blush and "spaced out", i know its not someting new but i cant resist this blush color! It has a peach tone with a pinch of pink shimmers to it, and OMG i am in loveeee with it so much! I think its such a cute color blush that every girl should have. =] I am so lucky becuz its a limited edition but they still have it out for sell. I also bought the Cult of Cherry Collection eyeshadows quad " Spiced Chocolate". I think those colors are so beautiful and just wanted use it rite away! (which i did) I also bought an eyeshadow in "star velvet"(i think thats the name, i dont remember) which is of course another beautiful color! I was so excited with the spice chocolate E/S quad that i had to do a look with it! Hope you'll enjoy my tutorial! =]

sorry i looked really crappy that day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mac Haul

Lets make this short and simple. I went to Mac today and bought "White" pigment and liquid last liner in "Blue Herizon". I been wanting to find a perfect color for the brow bone as a highlighter but havent found a good one untill i found WHITE Mac pigment. To me i think it is sucha great highlighter color since its not too shimmery or too white. Just a perfect light yellowish tone. And i bought liquid last liner in Blue Herizon becuz i am bored of the regular black eyeliner and wanted to try a different color. So this is the best blue i found so far. Sorry my pix are not that great and i was in a rush to take this. Hope u gals dont mind! =]

thats the White pigment on my brow bone and Blue Herizon liquid last liner.

Mehron Lipstick palette

I been also a fan of lip palettes now! And i just found that the stage makeup brand Mehron sells them too! To be honest, stage makeup are pretty pigmented and actuallly really good. I bought their lipstick palette online at for the price of $32..?? I am not sure but they r actually worth it! Becuz the colors are very creamy and pigmented. I just put the first layer of color on my lips and it acutually show the colors right away. Their are 3 colors choices you can choose from. Dark, Medium and Light. OF course i choose the light colors lipstick since i dont wear dark colors for my lips. I recommend for those who love wearing lipsticks should try out this brand of makeup.




La Femme Blush Haul!

Hey gals! I been a online shopping addict for these past few months after i got back from my vacation during the summer. And when i got back, i been so lazy driving around to buy stuffs! So now i been shopping at home. =] Which is so convenient but yet i have to wait for my items...I have heard great reviews on the La Femme blushes from fellow beauty bloggers out there and wanted to try them for myself!

Just for u to know! I am a blush addict! I lovee blushes a lot! and i dont think i can ever stop from wanting to buy more. I love collecting blushes but somehow when i put it on my face, the blush colors tends to fade after an hour or 2! Which i hate so much! I try most brands of blushes and i found out that Clinique blush tends to last longer than my other ones. I am a big Mac fan, but unfortunately their blush doesnt last long for me! =[

Anyways, i been online shopping for La Femme blushes becuz i heard so many good reviews on them and wanted to purschase some for myself. I end up buying 12 color blushes at, gawd i am CRAZY! They cost around $3.00 each, which was a good deal. So yea i bought all of that for total of $36 with shipping is around $40. After a couple of days i recieve it, and BOY are they pigmented!! There are really great colors but what disspointed me was that i thought the size of the pan would be the same as MAC, but too bad it was a lil bit smaller. Just the exact size of the eyeshadows palette i bought in VN.

Sorry my pictures taking skills are still bad! I still need to find the right lighting for my pictures.

I do have the names for these blushes, but i will do that later after i buy a palette to put them in.=]

These are the 6 warm browns

And these are the pinks

Thursday, September 4, 2008

blue, dark blue, and gold eye shadows

After weeks of practicing for a concert! Finally i needed a break! Last week my club had an concert and i was one of the dancers for 2 songs. I had to do makeup for like bout 10 girls! And god its tiring! But it was so much fun putting makeup on others becuz that wat i loveeeee to do. It also help practice on different faces and eyes! Anywhoo...i was so sad that i lost the Mac eyelash glue, an Mac lipstick and one of my Mac blush broke!!! huhu i love that blush sooo much. Y does it all has to be the most expensive item that i had to loose? NO fair! =[ But this Friday i am goin to Mac shopping to stock up what i lost. Anyways i was bored yday and wanted to do an eye color of the day!

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