Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sebum makeup remover review

Hey girls, sorry its been so long since i post anything, its just some difficulties on my blog layout and seems like nothing is updated eventhough I do write new post. But somehow it doesn't get update on other bloggers site when they added me on their bloglist. So I kind of got discourage to write now! =[

Anyways, this month is pretty busy cuz I got 2 midterms and so many homework that I dont even have time to blog. However, I am on my spring break now and taking my time to chill. =]
I went to Marukai supermarket in Costa Mesa couple days ago and got this Sebum makeup remover that I heard many good reviews about. It was on SALE for only $9.80 they sell if for $13.00 not including shipping!

So I got really excited and got 2 of them. They had 3 different type of removers but couldn't understand Japanese so I got the one the many people do reviews on.

It does feel like water, theres no oil residue. Removes my makeup well!!! I think I am gonna start to fall in love with it! =]

This is my results...( I had a photoshoot that day and wanted to try it out how well it removes my makeup) You be the judge!!!

Rating: 4.5/5

Me without makeup~! Yea please dont laugh~! ;]

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