Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eyeshadow and lipstick swatches!

During the month of June and July, I went on a vacation to Vietnam my home country. It was so HOT over there but after couple days, you will get use to the heat. I been going around and found this makeup store that sells many different brands of makeup for the price of wholesale! And they sells retail with the price of wholesale too!. I was so lucky to find that place. I can stay there for hours! I bought 4 palettes of eyeshadows colors that i get to choose. And i got a lip palette. The quality are very good, the shadows are pigmented. I did some swatches on them and they look absolutely great!

I also did some swatches on them. The colors are not in any particular order becuz there are so many eyeshadows colors and they dont fit all in my hands... Enjoy them!

ps. The pictures were suppose to be the eyeshadows first, but some how the swatches pix doesnt load under the eyeshadows, and somehow on top. Sorry for the confusion, i am still new with this. Hopefully i will get this soon so i can post my fake eyelashes up!

Lipstick colors



Purples and Blues

Browns to neutrals

My Lip Palette

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bored at work

I couldnt wake up today since i still have Jetlag from VN and Austrailia. And i have to work full time everyday now. Is there any fake-eyelash freaks out there like me?? As of now i am selling fake eyelash in a box that contains 10 pairs, different types of eyelashes models too. If anyone wants to buy eyelashes from me, please feel freee to contact me because i have a lot in stocks. I will try to post some pix of the number of the model. If you want to buy them please contact me for the pricing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Welcome to my beauty blog! I just started this account after seeing so many girls out there that enjoy beauty as much as i do. And i started to read some blog and found how great it is to share their beauty tips and secrets. Especially share to those who has the same interest as i am. So welcome to my first post! I hope to give u guys as much of advices and tricks on beauty as i can.

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