Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coastalscents is having a sale this MONDAY!

Hey Gals! Coastalscents is having a sale this Monday 12/01/2008 for 25% Off, get your goodies soon!

I recommend the Italian Badger angle brush! Or any Italian Badger brushes! I already purchase my 88 shimmer palette and the contour palette, so i would recommend you get those before it goes out of stock fast!

25% OFF




Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Faced Shadow Insurance

Hey gals, how was everyone Thanksgiving so far? Did any of you get any good deals during Black Friday shopping?? Unfortunately, I didn't go shopping at all today. I did couple years ago but never find anything for myself. I remember one time waking up at 5 in the morning and shopped around. But there was really NOTHING!

Anyways, I had purchase Two Face Shadow Insurance base about a week ago and my package arrived today. The packaging box look so cute that i wanted to show you all! I'd heard so many good reviews on these, so I wanted to try it out. I heard that it blends better than the UDPP. I haven't try shadow base insurance yet, but I will soon try them for its blend-a-bility and how long my e/s will lasts! =]

I also made lots of online shopping lately, I bought some stuffs from Coastalscents and many NYX cosmetics from with free shipping within the US only UNTIL NOV. 30. Thanks MakeupbyRenRen for this info. And will soon be showing you guys after it arrives home! I can't wait! =]

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to contour that face!

Its been a long time since I do a tutorial on makeup! Anyways, I rarely use foundations on my face, but today I went out to take some pictures so I had to wear them. So I took this advantage to do this contour tutorial because the powders only stick to foundation, not my bare face. I used a NC35 Mac full coverage for my face because somehow the NC40 is sorta dark for my skin. But on pictures, it totally made my face white! (which I hate!) I will soon get a NC37 since I think it would be best for me. Not too dark or too light.

1. Start out with a sculpt and shape powder, I am using Sculpt Accentuate.

2. This is my face already apply with foundation in NC35

3. Start out with an angle brush and start where your ears are. You can try sucking in your cheeks like what I did here to find the socket

4. Also remember to do on the chin.

5. Then move to the side of your jaw bone.

5A. Also do the both sides of your nose.

6. It would look like this after you are done!
(sorry my eyes are red because of my stupid lenses, it was so irritating!)

7. Take out your blush, you can use any colors you want, what I use is La Femme blush in Mocha.

7. Then use another angle brush to place it on the apple of your cheeks.

8. Done! Now I have achieved the basic for contouring!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FOTD: Purples

I haven't try doing a purple look lately, so this is my take on purple (leaning towards the smokey These are all using my minerals e/s in Simply Naturals and Pureluxe minerals, I did try foiling them a little bit for that Amethyst color to be more vibrant!

What I used:

-Utopia Pureluxe mineral
-Amethyst Pureluxe mineral
-Purple passion in Simply Naturals ( I used as a highlight color)
-Jane. Gel liner
-Model 21 lashes in #4

La Femme blush in Stormy Rose

-Nyx lipstick in Tea Rose
-Nyx lipgloss in La La

Monday, November 24, 2008

FOTD: Blues

I am feeling the bluesssss!! Yes I am feeling the Blue for my eyes today! I really need to do other colors besides blues and browns! LOL. I guess I wanted to the blue today to match with my scarf thats all. Buts seems like my scarf is more of a teal than a blue. Anywho, this is for the look for today. Hope you guys like it! =]

What I have on:

-Blues from my blue palette I got in VN
-Jane. Gel liner in Black
-Fake Lashes ( dont remember the number)

-Nars blush in Gilda and Mac blush in Spaced Out (LE)

-NYX lipstick in Echo
-NYX lipgloss in Smokey Look

Jane Gel Liner VS. Mac Fluidline

Hey Girls! I am so happy today that I finally found the Jane Be Pure Mineral gel liner! For this pass months, I been doing a lil research for an alternative gel liner that is similar to the Mac Fluidline, which I adored.,=] Anywho, I heard many reviews on the Loreal HIP cream liner, Coastalscents gel liner, and Jane gel liner. I found out that not many girls like the HIP liner because they tend to dry up fast. So I will pass on that. However, I heard so many good reviews on the Jane and Coastalscents gel liners, and wanted to try them out. I was so disappointed that Coastalscents black gel liner is out of stock! The past month, I went to many pharmacy stores to look for the Jane. Gel liners, but too bad so sad that it has discontinue...=[.

But today was my lucky day or something. I went to Rite Aid and couldn't believe I found the Jane. Be Pure Gel Liner! I was super happy so i snatch it right away, since it was the last one in black. Anyways, I did a little experimenting on the Mac fluidline and Jane. gel liner, and to be honest with ya'll, Jane. gel liner is sooo good!!! As in quality, quanity, and texture.

Jane Gel Liner :


  • Cheap, $5.99, very affordable price!
  • 5 grams jar (the Mac fluidline is about 3 grams)
  • Very pigmented, texture is very smooth, not dry or flaky
  • Easy to glide with a brush
  • Comes with a small eyeliner angle brush
  • None for the moment! (Maybe hard to find lol)
MAC fluidline

  • Very smooth, easy to glide
  • Does stay one waterproof and Smudge proof
  • Pigmented
  • Not that affordable for some people
  • 3 grams which is less than the Jane. Gel liner

The results:
- I find the Jane. gel liner is such a great alternative for the Mac fluidline. And especially for those who can't afford Mac.

L to R : Jane. Gel liner, Mac fluidline in Blacktrack

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NYX lipstick collection

I am not a really big fan of lipstick or lipgloss, ( used to though, when I was in 6th grade). I started to find out that lipstick or lipglosses didn't match for my lips! Seriously...LOL, I just look really weird with them. I think that lipstick and lipgloss look so good on girls! But for me, i doesn't. You will rarely see me with lipstick or lipglosses outside. =] I do use them in looks because without them it looks like I am missing something. But other than pictures, I don't use them much.

I have a total of 5 NYX lipsticks so far, and planning to buy more, not for me but for the people I do makeup for. NYX lipstick are actually really good, to me, I think its compatible to Mac. Since Mac lipstick is way more on the high end side. Nyx is good for those who are starting getting into makeup.

From L to R: Power, Snow White, Echo, Tea Rose and Pumpkin Pie


Snow White


Tea Rose

Pumpkin Pie

Monday, November 17, 2008

NYX and random Hauls

So today I went to the mall to look for a birthday gift and clothes for myself, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything I was hoping for. As I was walking through the mall by myself, I bought 2 NYX lipglosses, 1 lip pencil, 1 brow pencil and a nail polish. The other 2 were just clear glitter glosses and LA colors lip palette. The LA lip palette was okay, i rate it 2/5 because the colors aren't pigmented as NYX. NYX lipgloss color is vibrant, the color show exactly how the tube is! I did some swatches on my hand so you guys can definately check it out on the bottome later.

LA Colors Lip palette in Neutral

NYX nail polish in WILD

NYX Eyebrow pencil in Medium brown

LA Colors lip palette swatches

NYX gloss in LaLa

NYX gloss in Smokey Look

Saturday, November 15, 2008

FOTD: Browns and Gold

I don't know why I've been doing several browns and neutrals looks lately. I guess its because the fall season and kept on falling in that category. Heheh. Okay! Lets get back to this look. I feel like I only match with Browns colors especially when it comes to eyeshadows. I guess it is because of the skin tone color i have. I have fairly tan skin, and for me, only browns matches with my skin color. I wish my skin was a little lighter so I can have a broader usage of many colors to use on my eyes. =]

What I used:

-Bare, no powders or foundations

-Mac color base in Pearl
-Mac e/s in Goldmind, and Expresso
-Blacktrack fluidliner
-NYC brow shader in Dark Brown

-La Femme blush in Cinnabar

-NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
-Clear Gloss

My soft lil shimmer Costco Brush!!

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