Monday, March 16, 2009

New layout!

hope u guys like it~!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

School girl doll look and ebay haul

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. I did a haul for a last couple weeks and wanted to just do a review on them once. Thats why it took a while because I had to wait for it all to come at once. Anyways, I bought a 120 Manly e/s palette, 28 blush palette and the 66 lip palette on Ebay. The 120 palette comes from a different seller. But the other two is from a different seller. If you want to know where I bought it from, please email or comment me, I will link you to there.

The look I am going for today is doll look using all my palettes that I bought! All the colors are so pigmented as you can tell in the pictures. I am in love with my lip palette and my blush palette! They were actually better than what I expected from them. If you are interested in the product, I highly again recommend it! =]

What I have on:

-Mac select foundation in NC40
-Pressed powder
-Pink blush using my 28 blush palette

-Bare study paint pot as a base
-using 4 colors on my 120 manly shadows
-coastalscent gel liner in black

-66 lip palette
-clear gloss

This is the lip color i used

blush color i used

You like my hello kitty bracelet?LOL

My little red ribbon barrette

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