Friday, November 7, 2008

Shiseido mascara base

I bought the Shiseido mascara base for a long time now and used it couple times since i dont wear makeup much. It claims to keep the lashes longer and lets your lashes stay curl for a long time. Since my lashes are really short, i just wanted to be at least curl longer when i use mascara. So i tested to it out, and for me, i would rate it 4/5 because it did stay curl for my lashes up to 8+ hours! I did took some pictures to prove it. Its pretty amazing.

Overall i really happy with the base. I only use this when i go out, not on regular basis. I bought this at Sephora, its around $22, it can be a little pricey, but i am sure that there are other ones that are good too but less pricey than $22. IF any of you guys think there is a better mascara base that is cheaper let me know!! =]

This Morning around 11:00 AM

Tonight around 9:00AM


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