Friday, November 7, 2008

FOTD: Light smokey blue

I been trying my best to do a different look every other day, but that will be really hard for me, since i am sucha lazy person! But today i tried a smokey blue look, somehow, in real life, the shadow looks really dark, but on pictures it looks so light. Anywho, i use this color from the 88 color palette my aunt got for me in VN, the colors are so pigmented and i am planning to get another one on Coastalscents. Hope you guys like this look!


  • 88 color palette i got in VN
  • Model 21 lashes
  • NYX black eyeliner
  • Mac lipstick in Faux
  • D&G lipgloss ( love that color gloss!!)
  • Jane blush shimmer



oh my ..the light blue looks pretty on you and your lashes!! vavavoooooommm!!!!

haulin broad

this look is so delicate and SO pretty!

You're so adorable! You should definitely go for makeup school. You'll do well in that area!!! HEHE

Can't wait to see your pin doll look!

Tina Marie Online

Very very pretty!! I love the falsies on you!

By the way, hope you don't mind if I link my site to yours :)


Wow!!! very UNIQUE && ULRA sexy!!! <3

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