Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NYX lipstick collection

I am not a really big fan of lipstick or lipgloss, ( used to though, when I was in 6th grade). I started to find out that lipstick or lipglosses didn't match for my lips! Seriously...LOL, I just look really weird with them. I think that lipstick and lipgloss look so good on girls! But for me, i doesn't. You will rarely see me with lipstick or lipglosses outside. =] I do use them in looks because without them it looks like I am missing something. But other than pictures, I don't use them much.

I have a total of 5 NYX lipsticks so far, and planning to buy more, not for me but for the people I do makeup for. NYX lipstick are actually really good, to me, I think its compatible to Mac. Since Mac lipstick is way more on the high end side. Nyx is good for those who are starting getting into makeup.

From L to R: Power, Snow White, Echo, Tea Rose and Pumpkin Pie


Snow White


Tea Rose

Pumpkin Pie



pretty nyx lippie colors you have there! tea rose is super pretty on your lips

Kimberly Tia

oooo i need to get tea rose and pumpkin pie, they're so lovely and snow white is that "perfect red".... thanks for showing those!!! 'specially since they're NYX ones!!!


I love all of them...very pretty colors


i feel the same about lipsticks! they just dont look right on me.. but i still try the lipstick+gloss combo every once in awhile.. my favorite colors of your lipsticks are tea rose & pumpkin.. so pretty!


eco n tearose is nice.. ima keep that in mind! hoepfully ill remember


I love NYX lippie too, Snow wgite looks good on you.

I have tea rose as well and its one of my fave!

Shades Of U

I like the NYX lippies on you...makes me want to order at Cherry Culture. :)


verrry cute ! i actually purchase my first nyx lipsticcks !! cute mama ! pretty colors

IchigoBunnie make me want to get Snow White! it looks like THE perfect red lippie. and i love how it's from NYX too so i won't break the bank. whoo hoo!

now...i just gotta find a place that sells it...XD!! i know they sell it at cherryculture but i like buying from the store better (plus i have no credit card anyway...)

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