Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pin up girl contest

I've always wanted to have that retro look for sometime now, but never got a chance to do it since i donno where to wear it to! Not only the clothes but also their makeup. At first, i think red lipstick is so out of style and would not look good at all. But i was WRONG!!! Red lipstick is soooooo freaking SEXY! and i LOVE it! I think it is such a classic look that can never go out of style. Since Cinthia is having a pin up girl contest, it gave me a reason to try this look, since i dont go out with red lipstick and winged eye often. THanks Cinthia for this great contest!!!! I have the bf took this for me since he wanted to test out his new camera. I thought he take full body shot but couldn't because of technical problems. So its only face shots only. =[

I was inspired by Dita Von Teese, since she is the queen of retro look for today century!

**images are clickable, i don't know why the picture doesnt appear bigger on the blog.**


Kimberly Tia

omg Cuuuuuuuuuuuteness!!!!

i love what you did with your bangs, that cute lil cupie doll curl, and RED rawr LIPS... go YOU!


i love the hair, the dress, the makeup, everything! great job! :-)

Tina Marie Online

I love your make-up!


OMGGGGG!!! I love it!!! You definitely making it tough for me to choose!!!!


Wooow.. you did good on this look. I love the winged out eyeliner and brown eyeshadow. And i love ur pearl accesories and the photos ur BF took <33 yum yum

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