Monday, November 10, 2008

FOTD: Fall look

Have any of you ever got out of makeup looks to do?? I have, all the time, i guess it all depends on my mood. Sometimes i would be out of ideas to do makeup, mostly eyeshadows looks. Especially for me, since i asian and don't have deep socket eyes, it is hard to do makeup. I tried and tried to do many kind of styles for my eyes to make it look like its deep. But failed many times. Well i guess couple days ago, i tried a way to make my eyes look deeper bye drawing a line of where i want my crease to look deep( i know this my sounds confusing but the pictures will help). Once i get my lighting and place right, i will do a tutorial on applying different kind of looks for eyes. =] I was about to do step by step by doing this fall's look, but my camera was out of battery, so i can only take the after shots. =[ Anywho, i hope you guys like this look for fall. It can be a lil bit too dramatic, but it is suitable for a night on the town. =D


-I didnt use any foundations or minerals, this is my bare naked face. Except for blush though.

-My 88 color palette; i mostly use orange, and browns
-NYC eyebrow shadows
-JW gel liner in Marcasite
-Model 21 falsies in #4

-La Femme blush in MOCHA

-lip palettes i got in VN (kind of a nude/brown color)

Me in my PJS again!! Sorry! It is sucha cold day tonite! My room is freezing so i had to wear a sweater!


Pretty! Your makeup skill has improved. I have to catch up!!! HAHAH


yum!!! i love it babe :)


hey whats the webby your use to upload your images? (: im loking for one that allows me to enlarge images with a click just like yours

Kimberly Tia

how cuuuuuuuuuute are YOU dammit!
yes pink n white on those cameras is reallyyyyy cute... 'temptingggg' *sigh* -- I'll definetly letcha know or should I say I'll be "bloggin" about it, when I get the cam in hand ^_^ soooooo excited!!!

after that SAVE! SAVE! Save!!


Valerie: I didn't use anything special for my images to be clickables for it to enlarge. What i did use was go to for my blog layout. Which i pasted the code from there for the blog layout. Any other than that, i didnt have to use a specific options or anything. I hope this helps!=]

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