Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to contour that face!

Its been a long time since I do a tutorial on makeup! Anyways, I rarely use foundations on my face, but today I went out to take some pictures so I had to wear them. So I took this advantage to do this contour tutorial because the powders only stick to foundation, not my bare face. I used a NC35 Mac full coverage for my face because somehow the NC40 is sorta dark for my skin. But on pictures, it totally made my face white! (which I hate!) I will soon get a NC37 since I think it would be best for me. Not too dark or too light.

1. Start out with a sculpt and shape powder, I am using Sculpt Accentuate.

2. This is my face already apply with foundation in NC35

3. Start out with an angle brush and start where your ears are. You can try sucking in your cheeks like what I did here to find the socket

4. Also remember to do on the chin.

5. Then move to the side of your jaw bone.

5A. Also do the both sides of your nose.

6. It would look like this after you are done!
(sorry my eyes are red because of my stupid lenses, it was so irritating!)

7. Take out your blush, you can use any colors you want, what I use is La Femme blush in Mocha.

7. Then use another angle brush to place it on the apple of your cheeks.

8. Done! Now I have achieved the basic for contouring!



lovely tut on contouring, very helpful :)


your face looks flawless!

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