Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

I always tend to have brittle nails which i hate! My nails can grow really long, but too bad it doesn't last long. My nails can last to a week then it will break and get brittle. I love having long nails because i can use many different designs on it. Since we don't have much advantage of than when we have shorter nails. My nails get really weak when i tends to polish it a lot. Also, because of how the water is over here in the US. When i was back in Viet Nam, my nails were very strong and also doesn't break or brittle. I think its the water over there that helps my nails and skin get better. Since the water over there doesn't have that much chemicals as over here.

I went to Walmart yesterday and saw this nail polish that helps my nails gets harder and doesn't break. So i give it a try! It cost around $3, it claims not just a regular nail polish, but it has acrylic gel and nylon. I don't really what that really means but i just want to give it a try. So far, i painted my nails last night and today, everything seems normal. No brittle or breakage yet.

-Isn't too pricey
-It does make my nails feel harder, and the polish is very shiny. I love that gloss wet look!

Cons: Not any at the moment.



I haven't seen it here! Wow, I'd love to give this a try :)

ooooOOoo I wanna try this. I hate it when my nails were perfectly long then one of them chipped off.

Let me know how it goes after a few days!!

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