Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nailtique Avacado foot cream

Have any of you ever have cracked heel on your feet?? Yes, i have, and i hated it. About a year ago, i realized that my heels got so cracked and it was annoying me. I didnt know the reason y, and that's when i realized it was because i've been wearing sandals everyday, and wasn't wearing socks and shoes. For me, i wear sandals everyday, so the dirt, wind, and sun made my heels dry really bad, to the point where the skin would comes off. Yes, its horrible, but i found a solution. No, it's not wearing socks and shoes again, but using a foot cream. I tried this one brand, at first, it worked for me. But after that, i see it got better, so i stop using it, then it came back, and i tried to used it again, but it didnt help my heels heal.

So i went to my local beauty supply and purchase this brand call Nailtiques, it's a avacado foot cream, it costs around $2.00, which was a pretty good deal. The sales lady told me that its a really good cream and a lot of people like it. That night, i used it, and notice the difference right away. So the next day, i see it got better, and my heel feels softer too. So i would recommend to those who is struggling with cracked heels!

Rating: 5/5

Make sure to use it around 3 to 4 times a week if you want to see the results. =]

My cracked heel (it looked better now, before it was 10x worst than this.)

After putting on the cream, let it dry.



my heel is like way way way cracked than yours! LOL thanks for the review, my cracked heels are one of my biggest problems :)


you have a pretty heel :)

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