Monday, November 24, 2008

Jane Gel Liner VS. Mac Fluidline

Hey Girls! I am so happy today that I finally found the Jane Be Pure Mineral gel liner! For this pass months, I been doing a lil research for an alternative gel liner that is similar to the Mac Fluidline, which I adored.,=] Anywho, I heard many reviews on the Loreal HIP cream liner, Coastalscents gel liner, and Jane gel liner. I found out that not many girls like the HIP liner because they tend to dry up fast. So I will pass on that. However, I heard so many good reviews on the Jane and Coastalscents gel liners, and wanted to try them out. I was so disappointed that Coastalscents black gel liner is out of stock! The past month, I went to many pharmacy stores to look for the Jane. Gel liners, but too bad so sad that it has discontinue...=[.

But today was my lucky day or something. I went to Rite Aid and couldn't believe I found the Jane. Be Pure Gel Liner! I was super happy so i snatch it right away, since it was the last one in black. Anyways, I did a little experimenting on the Mac fluidline and Jane. gel liner, and to be honest with ya'll, Jane. gel liner is sooo good!!! As in quality, quanity, and texture.

Jane Gel Liner :


  • Cheap, $5.99, very affordable price!
  • 5 grams jar (the Mac fluidline is about 3 grams)
  • Very pigmented, texture is very smooth, not dry or flaky
  • Easy to glide with a brush
  • Comes with a small eyeliner angle brush
  • None for the moment! (Maybe hard to find lol)
MAC fluidline

  • Very smooth, easy to glide
  • Does stay one waterproof and Smudge proof
  • Pigmented
  • Not that affordable for some people
  • 3 grams which is less than the Jane. Gel liner

The results:
- I find the Jane. gel liner is such a great alternative for the Mac fluidline. And especially for those who can't afford Mac.

L to R : Jane. Gel liner, Mac fluidline in Blacktrack



omgosh i want :( my hip cream liner leaves flakes over my face throughout the day.. its a pain in the ass :(


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