Monday, October 6, 2008

Pureluxe and Simply Naturals minerals

I've been shopping for minerals eyeshadows and find them pretty interesting. At first i thought of them as very sheer and arent as pigmented as they should be. Mac pigments are pretty good but of course some of us cant afford that much of a high end cosmetics. BUTTTTT i found these 2 websites that sell pretty good mineral pigments for eyeshadows with such an afforable price! they are called PURELUXE and SIMPLY NATURALS minerals. The colors are really pigmented and you guys should totally try it out!

I did purchase Simply naturals eyeshadows minerals and they are super duper great! The color are very pigmented and you can check out Christiana's Blog for her swatches. I dont have any swatches pictures right now becuz i am still waiting for my Pureluxe minerals to come home so i can do both of them at the same time.

I heard that pressing minerals with 90% alcohol is not a good thing to do, so its best if you guys buy the Mixing Medium and try pressing them from that. I will soon later trying to press my minerals too since loose minerals are kinda messy for me!

Here are 2 Videos on youtube that i found regarding Pressing Minerals and PURELUXE minerals swatches! Credits to Coastals Scents and Debstan1 for posting them up!




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