Friday, October 24, 2008

Pressing Pigments

I made a purchase from Coastalscents a week ago and got my empty palette, since I bought some mineral eyeshadows from Simply Naturals, and Pure Luxe Minerals, and wanted to press them to see how it would turns out. I was kinda iffy on buying their EZ Mixing Medium since i heard that the package gets ruin when it delivers to you. So i didnt buy that, to save some money, i went out and bought Glycerin to make my own mixing medium. But let me tell doesnt work when I press it my minerals eyeshadows!!! =[

I was so dissappointed.. i donno why when i try to to stir it with the minerals, the homemade mixing medium has a bubble and won't mix together with the minerals. I was so frustrated and the minerals poofs everywhere! Very very messy i tell you!

So yeah, I guess i will be buying the mixing medium at Mac then! Anywho, i have one Mac pigment and wanted to try pressing it using just alcohol. And it turn out perfectly! =]

what you need

  • paint palette ( i got it from Michaels $0.69)
  • mixing spatula (i got it from Michaels $0.79)
  • alcohol
  • Mac pigment
  • a quarter
  • peice of old cloth

My Coastalscents empty palette

My Mac pigment in WHITE ( good highlight color)

Mix, mix, mix

Mix it till it has a pasty consistency

Wait for around 15 mins for it to dry

after you wait for it to dry, put the cloth over the quarter and press!
TA-DA!! All done!


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