Thursday, October 30, 2008

FOTD: Neutral brown

I been so busy this week, midterm, essays, blah blahss, and work! GOSH i really hate my job, i really need to find a better job than talking on the phone all day with people who i dont even like!!!! So yeahhh, how is everyone doing? I am so glad that my weekend has already started! I dont have work or school on Fridays, which i loveeee... hehe. So tonight i wanted to try the neutrals brown look. without black eyeliner or fake eyelashes!! Gasp!! I reallly hate my eyelashes becuz they are so freaking short! Also, my eyelids are kinda weird, they are really puffy, so its really hard to put on eyeshadows for myself. Seriously, i cant even do makeup for myself! I only match with smokey eye look, but not the crease style. I look horrible with the crease style, esp. without fake lashies. So yea, this is my look, hope u guys like it w/out the falsies and eyeliner! Just becuz i always wanted to try without black eyeliner for once. =D

NOTE: these pix are fresh off my camera, i didnt photoshop it to make it look better, sorry if the lighting is bad! =]



hey girl! You have a lovely lovely smile! I love this look very simple yet has the wow factor with your lovely smile!



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