Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to look best in pictures!!!!

Hey girls! As you know, besides makeup and beauty, i am also interested in Photography. In the future, my dream is to have my own photo studio, and be the best known photographer! Hehe. Anyways, my sis gave me an idea on what to write on my blog, since i am still new at this. So she email me on "how to look best when taking a picture". I thought it is a very interesting topic and would like to share with everyone!

Thanks sis for the advice!


  1. Find your face’s best angle. You might not notice it, but your face does appear different at different angles. Suggestion: take several pictures of different angles (left, middle, right) of your face, compare & decide which angel is best. Your face usually appears smaller at side view, so avoid looking straight at the camera.
  2. Smile naturally. When the photographer counts from 1-3 , don’t smile early, start to smile on count 3, your smile will look really fresh & natural!
  3. Never slouch! Always keep your back straight, chest out, and shoulder back, it will create a nice confidence pose.
  4. Hand on your Hip! Never put your arm down, always remember to put it on your hip, your arm will appear skinnier on pictures!
  5. Don’t face body directly at the camera. Always make sure that your body is at about 45 degree angle of the camera, your body will appear skinnier, and your nice body curves are more noticeable!


Great tips. I've always done 3-5!!! and yes, it made such a huge difference! Now I need to practice the first 2 then I can be a supermodel! LOL


wow!! thx 4 the tips... that was really nice to know =D

Kimberly Tia

thanks mama -- NYX is definetly alot of fun to play in, and worth every penny!!


i just stumbled upon your blog and your post on how to pose perfectly for pictures! and those are amazing tips..that i use as well and my pictures look fabulous!! lol..good tips!!

Hi dear,

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