Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coastalscents new makeup palettes!

Hey girls, i'd been so busy this weekend doing makeup for a bride and bridesmaids, and moms, blah blah. I only have 4 hours of sleep and i am soooo tiredddd! Anyways i check on Pursebuzz and found out that Coastalscents just have their new products of make up palettes. I was really excited now that they got a blush palette! but wat got me excited more was the Contour and blush palette!! I also found out that they also have Gel liners like the Mac fluidlines. Man i cant wait till my next paycheck to get all of those!! Here is the video on their new products from CS. Hope u guys enjoy this video for the last night of the weekend! Hope everyone's weekend was great!


haulin broad

I bought the CS gel liners and they are WORTH IT!! I'll be reviewing them soon. BTW, TAG!! you're it.

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