Friday, October 10, 2008

My Pure Luxe minerals

Hey gals, i just got my Pure Luxe Minerals home today and so excited to try them out! The colors are soooo pigmented and looks so rich! I love them!!! I did some swatches on them, and boy do they look lovely. So far, i am happy with my purchase.

They cost $1.00 for the samples, and honestly, they are pretty generous with their samples. I think i can use up to 10x with the shadows. =]

I will do a swatch on the Pure Luxe later becuz they are pretty light to see on my hands.

I will be doing random swatches becuz i ddint have time to sort them out. Hope u dont mind!

from left to right; Amethyst, Shameless, Antique yellow

Without Flash/ Flourescent Lighting

With Flash



whoaaa!!! so many colors!!!

too bad I don't wear a lot of colors anymore. I only wear nude these days.

can't wait to see how it looks on you!

Kimberly Tia

wow these are sooo YUMMY!

i might have to look into getting me some cute luxe mineral samples, they look fun!!!

looking forward to more photos and reviews from ya! ^_^

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