Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow my first tagged ever! hhaha, i was tagged by miss Hauling Broad!

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  1. 1. I love to eat at this restaurant called Jazz Cat, its like the best Taiwanese hot pot place ever! I LOVE their fishballs!!!! (thinking of it makes me hungry!!!) yummm
  2. I am a perfectionist when i buy things, like i will always have to get an item that looks new off the counter or somting, even clothes! Usually i would get the ones on the back hangers wehre no ones touch it yet! LOL
  3. I am a procrastinator!!!! Which i need to work on...
  4. I am a makeup addict, i love buying makeup like all the time, but i rarely use them! Odd isn't it???
  5. I really want to take a makeup class to learn more about the techniques and styles for putting on makeup
  6. Last, i don't know how to cartwheel. LOL

I am tagging Next is all the girls on my FAV. BLOG list!



Same with being a perfectionist in buying stuffs and I can't do cartwheels too! :)

Kimberly Tia

YUM!! hot pot... sounds realllly good right now...


I'm sure the holiday palette will be around for several more weeks. I remember last year when I bought the warm palette. Three weeks later I went with my friend to get hers, and it was sold out. I think the popular ones will get sold out, but it would take 3 or more weeks!?!?

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