Sunday, September 21, 2008

JW cosmetics

Sorry i been lacking posts lately becuz i was being a lazy bum...hehe anywho, i went to Lizz's blog and read her reviews bout JW gel liners and wanted to try them out! The colors looked great on her swatches so i said why not? I wanted to try them becuz I only have ONE MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, and i wanted some other new colors. The shipping was pretty fast so thats a plus! YOu can purschase them at

Tarzanite is a deep shimmery purple and Marcasite is a black with lil and shimmers glitters in them. They also have other great colors too but i just buy 2 first to see how its like.

PROS: Fast shipping and nice packaging, colors are pigmented.

CONS: I donno why is it just me or its just whenever i do swatches on my hands, its easier for the colors to show. But when i put them on my eyes, i had to do serveral layers for it to show. =[ And when it does show, it showed that i put too much on and it becomes chunky.

OVERALL: I wouldn't purchase them again becuz i hate having to put serveral layers of makeup on my face for the colors to show. That includes eyeshadows or lipsticks. It just takes too much time and it also shows that the quality of the product is not good.



it's not just you :) i have to layer to make the colors more vibrant, since I don't use the UDPP or TFSI


Lol~ We do have a lot of things in common especially the avocado tree and Tobey. :P

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