Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mac Haul

Lets make this short and simple. I went to Mac today and bought "White" pigment and liquid last liner in "Blue Herizon". I been wanting to find a perfect color for the brow bone as a highlighter but havent found a good one untill i found WHITE Mac pigment. To me i think it is sucha great highlighter color since its not too shimmery or too white. Just a perfect light yellowish tone. And i bought liquid last liner in Blue Herizon becuz i am bored of the regular black eyeliner and wanted to try a different color. So this is the best blue i found so far. Sorry my pix are not that great and i was in a rush to take this. Hope u gals dont mind! =]

thats the White pigment on my brow bone and Blue Herizon liquid last liner.



Awww...I was gonna go with you guys :(

It's good in a way cuz I didn't spend $$$


I like the eyeliner. It's very pretty! :)

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