Tuesday, September 9, 2008

La Femme Blush Haul!

Hey gals! I been a online shopping addict for these past few months after i got back from my vacation during the summer. And when i got back, i been so lazy driving around to buy stuffs! So now i been shopping at home. =] Which is so convenient but yet i have to wait for my items...I have heard great reviews on the La Femme blushes from fellow beauty bloggers out there and wanted to try them for myself!

Just for u to know! I am a blush addict! I lovee blushes a lot! and i dont think i can ever stop from wanting to buy more. I love collecting blushes but somehow when i put it on my face, the blush colors tends to fade after an hour or 2! Which i hate so much! I try most brands of blushes and i found out that Clinique blush tends to last longer than my other ones. I am a big Mac fan, but unfortunately their blush doesnt last long for me! =[

Anyways, i been online shopping for La Femme blushes becuz i heard so many good reviews on them and wanted to purschase some for myself. I end up buying 12 color blushes at Makeupmainia.com, gawd i am CRAZY! They cost around $3.00 each, which was a good deal. So yea i bought all of that for total of $36 with shipping is around $40. After a couple of days i recieve it, and BOY are they pigmented!! There are really great colors but what disspointed me was that i thought the size of the pan would be the same as MAC, but too bad it was a lil bit smaller. Just the exact size of the eyeshadows palette i bought in VN.

Sorry my pictures taking skills are still bad! I still need to find the right lighting for my pictures.

I do have the names for these blushes, but i will do that later after i buy a palette to put them in.=]

These are the 6 warm browns

And these are the pinks


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