Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Mac Hauls

Hey everybody!!! I think i am starting to be an Mac addict again!!!! Today i went to the mall and bought 3 things from Mac...I bought Neon-Sci-fi Blush and "spaced out", i know its not someting new but i cant resist this blush color! It has a peach tone with a pinch of pink shimmers to it, and OMG i am in loveeee with it so much! I think its such a cute color blush that every girl should have. =] I am so lucky becuz its a limited edition but they still have it out for sell. I also bought the Cult of Cherry Collection eyeshadows quad " Spiced Chocolate". I think those colors are so beautiful and just wanted use it rite away! (which i did) I also bought an eyeshadow in "star velvet"(i think thats the name, i dont remember) which is of course another beautiful color! I was so excited with the spice chocolate E/S quad that i had to do a look with it! Hope you'll enjoy my tutorial! =]

sorry i looked really crappy that day!



You're such a cutie, and the colors look good on you! :) I wanted the chocolate spice quad, but I decided not to since I have way too many eyeshadows... eek~ :X

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