Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FOTD: Valentine's look Blues and Pinks

Hey again! This week is a busy week for since I start school again...urggh.. Anywho, I know Valentine's Day is coming soon and I came up with another look for you guys! This look fall to the category of blues, purples and pinks. For these shadows colors, I use my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette. I used to love shimmer shadows very much, but now I don't anymore because when I take pictures, my eyes seem to come off really shiny. So I am planning to get the 88 regular palette with more satin and matte finishes.

What I have on:
-Scandalous e/s base
-88 shimmer palettes(uses mostly blues, and pinks)
-NYX Dollface mascara in black volume
-Jane gel liner

-La Femme blush in rusted rose

-Lip palette i got from VN, its a light magenta color



The shimmer is very pretty on you! But it's always nice to be able to mix and match shimmer with satin and matte finishes too.

No worries, just another week until the official MAC HK release! =)


This is such a lovely girly look!

only x lindah

just cruisin` by;; such a pretty color combo for valentine`s day!


hey girly. i love the blue. if you are interested in some contacts. let me know.


Super cute! You're such a doll <3


I love that magenta lippie! Cute look! :D

FuN and MakeUp

Nice... i love all ur lip colors! esp those pinkish ones..

MAKEUP central-by LYN

very soft and pretty!

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