Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CD eyeshadow palette

Hey girls, sorry been so long since i blog again...Anyways, remember when i got my Flirt! eyeshadow palette? Well, since it was in the box, and there was so lid or anything, so i had to come up with an idea of where to put all those. I saw couple tutorials on Youtube showing how to make your eyeshadow palette using a cd case. I got the idea from EnkoreMakeup, so check him out on Youtube! I really admire his makeup skills and ideas! Here is my result. There were some extra e/s so i tried to make it all fit in one of the palette.

What I used to make this palette is just simply a old cd case, and glue or tape to adhesed on the e/s to the cd case.

I cordinate the colors from purples to pinks, browns, blues to green. Hope you guys find this helpful!



creative! how are the flirt e/s anyways? when I met with some Kohl's executives they claim that they're made the same as MAC


I love ur organization..I wanted that palette..how is it??

Vanessa M.

yhey came out soo neat! and cool!! :)


DSKnguyen- The Flirt e/s are pretty cool, some colors are pigmented and some arent. And I also heard they are that they are also same company of mac.

Sofee-The colors are very pretty, but some e/s are pigmented and some arent.


you lined them up so straigt!


I've seen these palettes and they're such a cute idea... hehe~

FuN and MakeUp

thats soo cute! wut kinda e/s r those?? u did them veryy perfect tooo


Aww! These are sooo cute! :D

abby =)

your cd palettes look very clean. makes me want to do some myself.:)


That looks very cool!! And whats great is you can get a CD rack and put them wherever you do ur makeup!


great idea!


great idea! wow girl!

Nikki Rose Ty

Cool! Thanks.

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