Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clinique cream cleanser review

Hey girls, sorry for the long update, I've been studying for my Bio class and don't have time to do any fotds, or reviews. Please forgive. =]. Anyways, I went to the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) at The Block yesterday and found this Clinique cream cleanser that also removes your makeup and leave your skin healthy and soft looking without that dull dryness. Sounds decieving, so I bought it for around $14.00, orginal price is around $17.oo.

The reason I bought this was because I need a face cleanser that actually removes my makeup and those stubborn waterproof mascara. I don't like using makeup removers so muchbecause they have so much oil residue on my face after. So yea, I finally found the face cleanser I needed but become very dissappointed after I used it! =[

I wanted to test it out to see if it does really means what it said, so I put on my waterproof mascasra and gel liners in a torquois and black color. After I apply on the cream and gently rub it around my eyes to remove the makeup, then wash my face with water, but it hasn't completely comes off! So I had to do it again! Yes, it was very dissappointing that it doesn't removes my makeup as it said. If any of you guys know any other cleansers that can removes makeup please let me know!

Rating: 2/5

See how there are still some makeup left around my eyes??



I'm not so much a fan of Clinique skin care, although I do have the clarifying toner, I just personally feel their products weren't made for my skin =P


oh..the make up is still there, I hate it when cleansers do that :(


Oh I really wanted to try out this clinique cleanser, but that won´t be necessary anymore!
Thanks for letting us know!<3

MAKEUP central-by LYN

try the neutrogena one step cleanser. It's in a blue bottle, it worked well as a face wash and m/u remover for me. It's a lotion type of wash. :)


try clinique's foaming cleanser...its the pink and white two-toned tube! It works great for removing makeup for me, and my makeup is hard to get completely off so..try it out!! :)

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