Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog template help

Hey guys, i am getting tired of the layout on my blog and really need to update it, however, if i change my layout, some of my widgets will be gone, like my followers, ads, etc. There is a way to keep all this but I am not a computer pro so I can't edit some codes, I did google but havent find a way yet. My friend tried and helped me. But it doesnt work. So if any of you guys know how to save some widgets for a new template please let me know!!! Thank you so much! If not, I will be updating this blog layout soon and will lost everything. So if any of you are my followers, thanks for following and if you don't see any update from me, its because of the widgets that got deleted. I will add it up again once I get a new layout. Sorry for the inconvience.



You did? I wanna see yours..

Kimberly Tia

ugh that's the only thing about layouts that I hate, blogger gets rid of everything so you gotta start over again... *NIGHTMARE*

if you find out LET ME KNOW... ahhha


yeah it's really annoying, but you can simply put back everything, it really doesn't take that long


oh i feel you!! i hate that!!


That's why I get frustrated changing templates too, I have to add everything back on! :(


I wish I could help, but it looks nice at the moment. It's very feminine, at the same time, very classic! :)


Yes, I'm somehow bored of my layout as well, but always hesitate to change, because of the widget losing thing. :(

I think that your previous layout was very nice!


Tee's All Things Beauty

i was checking around for new templates myself. that's how I came across your interesting blog. thought I'd pass this information on to you. Hope it's helpful

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