Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mac HK glitter liner review

As many of you girls know, I bought this glitter liner from he Mac hello kitty collection and wanted to test to see how it turns out, and you guessed it right, I LOVE IT!! It is not like any glitter liners you see, its pigmented, sparkly, dries quickly and actually stays on your skin! I love this glitter liner so much and now I am thinking of buying more colors at Mac! I especially love this color because its so natural and sparkly, it great for just going out on the daily basis, because it doesn't make you feel like you have to wear this for the night life only. I recommend this Mac glitter liner for anyone who loves glitter and aren't afraid to use them!!

( I havent tried any other brand besides Mac, I heard that NYX has glitter liners too but don't know if they are as good as Mac)

-comes in great colors, dries fast, pigmented, and lasts for long time!




wow it is a lovely glitter color! It looks really pigmented and no fall outs? Great!!!


it does look lovely on you! that was one thing i didnt want to get cus i didnt know if it would flake off...and be a waste of money...now i think i should pick up some!


That looks really nice! I'm a little iffy about glitter liners though, I always somehow end up getting them in my eye =(.


pretty. it looks really good by itself.


wow! how cute is that liner! pretty!


you totally changed my mind about those. i never really cared about those,but wow after seeing it on u....I WANT ONE!!!!

Mets GirLL

I never thought I'd like glitter liners, but that looks so chic! ..And Now I'm going to go spend more money haha


oh my, tht looks so cute! i thought it was gonna be really tacky looking, but it actually looks cute!


That looks really nice!


I love MAC glitter liner. It's so much better than UD.

Btw, they do have a one inch iron on folica. And if you buy this week, you'll get $20 off. Which is pretty good. You should get one. I really like mine. It's great!


That is hot on you! I need to check out the glitter liners from MAC now... hehe~


Oh so pretty! I just wrote it down. lol


wow, I never thought of using glitter liners. This definitely looks great on you!


Ive never tried any glitters before but this one looks so pretty on you!! <3


I am sooo happy that you love them! I JUST bought them and didn't get to try them yet!

Im soo glad that you love them. It does look really good =)

I love how you did your eyemakeup =)

thanks for letting us know! =)


cute! it give ur eye that little sparkle very cute!


hello there i would like to ask a question about hello kitty MAC eyeliner glitter, what is the name of it ,please, is this the one? Glitterpuss? great thanks , here is the link to the product which i think is the same one,the same tone


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