Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gel liner review and new Layout!!!

How do you guys like my new layout??? So far i am liking it, but there are some problems that i still need to figure out.

Anywayssss..I had a hard time buying the coastalscents gel liners in the color True Black, they are always been out of stock and I just couldn't wait any longer. So I went on ebay to check out some shadows palette they had, and I found this SELLER that also sell the gel liners the same as Coastalscents. I was so thrill because they were "in stock".

Anywho, so I got myself the gel liner in True Black , 66 lip palette (coastalscents was out of those too), and the 28 blush palette. The shipping took around 2 weeks since it was shipped from China. I will do the review on those palettes soon because I am waiting for the 120 e/s palette to arrive home so I can do all the reviews at once. But for now, I want to do the review on the Gel Liner. And seriously, I LOVE this liner! I think even more than the Mac fluidline! =P

-easy to work with
-the color are darker than the fluidline
-creamy, a tad creamier than the Mac fluidline
-smudge proof!!
-last a long time!!!


I really recommend this gel liner! My JANE gel liner is so dry up now,
I had to blow dry it for it to melt a lil bit to use. =[

Here is a picture with the gel liner in true black
(my nail color is China Glaze in Spontaenous)

Even after I washed my face, the gel liner is still on. It really means what it claims! LOL



i love your cheek color! it's so cute! :]]


Great review!!! I love my fluidline , so i might just placed an order for these liners!!it wont hurt to try!!

love ur pretty!

Nu Nu Doll

I always wondered about those gel liners..! Thanks for the review :) I'm a sucker for winged liner, lol it's so hot!


I love how you line your eyes! Emphasizes the shape of your eyes in such a pretty way.


Hmmm! I need to check that liner out! I am looking for a new liner coz my hip liner dried out too :/

Miss Yaya

love the new layout - did you find it somewhere or code it yourself?

I usually don't use gel liners but I guess since everyone's liking it I should give it a try... :)

MAKEUP central-by LYN

nice layout! I want to try those gel liners! I keep hearing good things!


I love the new layout, it's very pretty.

Thanks for the review. I need to check that liner out.

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