Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FOTD: Valentine's Day look and wavy hair tutorial

Hey girls, yesterday I went to Sally's beauty supply store to get myself a hair curler. I've been searching online to find the perfect hair curler, but its always been the expensive kind, which I can't afford! So I just went to Sally's and got myself a Jilbere 1 inch hair curler, and its a pretty good one out of the other brands I got at Walmart. Its cost $30.00 for this curler, heats up to 395 degree Fahrenheit and I think it might be worth it!

I did this tutorial on how to do wavy hair, its pretty well said and done with the pictures!

My makeup look for this FOTD is basically using Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack, NYX Eucalyptus round lipstick and some falsies! Very retro but fun look for V-day! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. This is me with straight hair

2. Section your hair in half and start to curl the bottom part like so...

3. Leave it for about 8-10 seconds and take it out, it will look similar to this..

4. The outcome when I curl all of it

5. After its been curl, use your hands to comb through the curls(don't worry if it get straight, we'll get to the hairspray)

6. Then use your finger to twist the curl into place.

7. So it would look like this

Finish look!


haulin broad

I LOVE curly hair!! so much more personality. the makeup looks BEAUTIFUL... lucky you you can pull of red lips [:


Super cute! I got my Hot Tools curling iron for $40 and I love it! You can get great tools for affordable prices, you just have to know what to look for (and I agree, it's better to get something at a beauty store than Walmart or Target type of places). =)


I love ur look...isnt curly hair fun??


GORGEOUS look!!!
Those curls are perfect.


the curly hair looks gorgeous on you :)
my curls never want to stay for some reason, no matter what hairspray or how i curl my hair hahah :P


The curls in your hair is so lovely! :)

Makeup Mama

I really like the curly hair! I wish my hair would stay curly for longer than 3 minutes :(


hi i'm new to your blog. i love this tutorial. you make curling hair seem so easy. hehe. what lippie are you wearing in these pics? i like the color alot.


This is gorgeous! I love the curly hair!


I love this look on you, very pretty.
I only wish my hair could curl.


You look lovely! Oooh I just bought this straightening iron that has great reviews online. Ppl are saying that this iron is better than Chi. I'm so excited. Can't wait for it to arrive. I'll try it out and let you know.


wow! That looks nice and you look very nice with curly hair :D I bought a curling iron at Ulta (Bedhead) and I only used it 2x and never again. haha. I think my straightening iron is better in curling hair :p

Tina Marie Online

i love your curls!
definitely gives your straight hair more oomph! very nice (:


Utterly glam and gorgeous! Love your look mama!


THANKS ladies for your nice comments.

babyxcakez: The lipstick i am using is the NYX round lippies in Eucalyptus


Hey Lyah: I agreed with you, I bought the bead head curling iron and it sucked!!! I wasted $50 dollars on that thing!! I used it like twice!


You look STUNNING! i love how u softened the curls.. can u show us how you curled ur bangs??? i always have trouble w/ that

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