Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year! and Mac 25% off haul

Happy Lunar New Year and Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Sorry I been lacking blogging lately. Since getting ready for the Tet celebration and such. I wish everyone to have a great year with many luck, health and succeed in everything you do!

So there was a Mac sale 25% around 3 weeks ago and of course I had to take that great chance to buy something off on Mac website. My package arrives about 7-10 days after I purchase my order. I bought about 10 items using my Mac gift card I got from Christmas! I was kind of disappointed that some of the things on Mac was either sold out or out of stock!

What I bought:

  1. Studio fix in NC37
  2. Concealer in NC35
  3. Brush 163
  4. Brush 108
  5. 2 foundation pump
  6. Powder press in NC35
  7. Eyeliner in Engrave
  8. Lipstick in Honeylove
  9. Paintpot in Blackground

From L to R: concealer in NC35 and Studio Fix in NC37

This is what it looks like when I blend it out to my skin (both have very good coverage)

Mac lipstick in Honeylove (matte finish nude color)



Ohhh lookit you with all those fab hauls! You did take advantage of the sale :p Do you have any backordered stuff? My 187 hasn't come yet :(


Lucky you!! i wish i took advantage of the sale. Booo, sucks to be me!!

I love ur haul!!! you got the basics!! i do want to try that 163 brush!!


Chuc Mung Nam Moi babe!

Honeylove looks so pretty, I want it!


Hey Lyah, No i didnt have any back orders, everything was deliver in one package! I hope your brush come home soon!!!=]

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