Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scandalous e/s base review

Many asked me if I can do a review on the Scandalous e/s base, here it is...I tested out with the TFSI and Mac paint, the results to come really well, there are not many cons on these bases, the Scandalous base are as good as other, one thing about it though is that the Scandalous base doesn't dry as fast as the TFSI and the Mac paint, its stays more creamy. So its a good thing that the eyeshadow can be apply more vibrant! The shadow I am using is Mac Satin Taupe. Hope yall find this helpful for the next time you want to purchase Scandalous Cosmetics!

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cool review :)
i just bought the too faced shadow insurance today too! :)

Vanessa M.

cool!!! i didnt like the TFSI but i love me some mac pp and udpp lol this one will have to be the next!

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