Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missha BB Cream review

I heard sooooo many reviews on BB cream from many beauty bloggers and wanted to try it out for myself! I didn't purchase this BB cream, one of my friend and I talked about it but never really wanted to buy it to try it out, since for my skin color, I think BB cream fits better for fair skin color only. So all of the sudden my friend went to this Japanese beauty store and got me this Missha BB cream. It was very sweet of her to get this for me!

She told me that she got the darkest color for me, since I did told her that the cream would be much lighter for my skin. Which it is a little bit lighter for me. I did a review on it and hope you will find this helpful. In my opinion I think BB cream looks better for those who has fair to light skin because for tan skin like me, you can tell the difference from my face and neck color.

My bare skin w/o BB cream

With BB cream



Hey, how do you find the scent? I'm not sure if we have the same one coz I got mine in sample jar but the scent is overpowering for me! LOL sensitive nose probably! :)

You look good with the BB cream! Skin is more glowy!


Hey there! Wow, you're just like me! I've been wanting to try BB creams forever & the first one I used was Missha's BB cream in #23.

I'm Filipino so my skin is tan. The Missha one is pretty light on me, so I just use a very small amount & blend it well. Then I usually apply a light dusting of mineral foundation over it to bring back my skin tone. I do like it so I'm going to continue using it until I try another brand.

I think the BB cream looks nice on your skin! If you think it's too light, maybe try a powder over it?


urghhh i so want to try the bb cream! it really does even out your skin tone though! :)

Lynda (abitnerdy)

WOW ... this BB cream makes your face look so flawless! LOVE IT =) I'm dying to get my hands on Missha's BB cream. I'm just a little hesitant since my skin is a little on the tan side.


WHat is your shade in MAC? The BB cream did even out your skin and it looks lovely even if its lighter than your bare skin.

Vanessa M.

very pretty!!! i have yet to fully try my 1 BB cream lol


Omg! I love this look... So rock & roll! <3333

OoooOoo where did your friend get this bb cream? I was gonna buy it on Ebay but if you know a local place it will be great.


i think it looks GREAT on you! i think i will be getting this one next to try after i get my Missha Vita and my Dr. Jart.


THank you ladies for your wonderful comments! I will have to get use to this BB cream.

Hey Lyah, my Mac foundation shade would be a NC40.


great bb cream review!

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heya! great review :)

ive been using this for a while now, the only disadvantage is that it makes me shiny :(
but thats what powder is for lol!


heyaa! :)

im actually doing a giveaway on this BB cream just now!

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Shopaholic dream

I have no 21- but I want to try 23;) because Im also a little bit darker. What do you think about covering?
on my face is creating a mask:/ I thought it would be something invisible on face but it is horrible...


I appreciate this comprehensive review! It made me jealous because I couldn't find a BB cream for my darker, tan skin but finally Missha came out with No. 31! Works great on me. If anyone is interested, I did some swatches for comparison:
BB Cream for Darker Skin

Polliana Pertence

Compre esse BB Cream Missha Perfect Cover Original aqui:

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