Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The WareHouse sale

Hey ladies and gents! Are there any brand name jeans lovers anywhere?? If you are, then this is for you! I recieved this email yesterday regarding a jeans sale going on throughout the states here in US. Since I live in Cali, they probably have it 2-3 times of this jean sale event within a year. The last one they just had was about 2 weeks ago in Costa Mesa. I got a pair of Citizen of Humanity for only $70! YES all Humanity jeans were only $75 for singles, and if you buy 3 jeans its $200. Its really a steal compared to the ones in department stores for at least $200 for just one pair.

I been to this event about 3 times now and always got something. They have different brands from True Religion, Diesel, J&Company, Humanity, Antique Denim and many others. So if you are interested, just come and check it out, its a really big warehouse I am telling yah! With all sizes for men and women. So ladies, this won't be a drag for your guy to come with you! =]


The Warehouse Sale

Dallas, TX-December 5 & 6, at the Dallas Market Hall
Los Angeles, CA-December 13 & 14, at LA Convention Center
San Francisco, CA-December 20 & 21, at The Hilton San Francisco (Union Square)

You must make a reservation in order to enter. For more info and RSVP please click HERE!

To those who don't live in TX or CA, check out their website to see the upcomming event in your area!



Are you going? I have no more mulas for these events. And I think I have more jeans than my closet can fit already. I need a bigger closet!!! O_^

abs ♥

womps so farr


hi thanks for stopping by my blog! i really like fleur power blush, but it takes me a while to make it look that natural because it's actually pretty bright EVEN with a stippling brush!

i've never tried high end jeans .. i bet if i ever do, i'll be hooked. lol


I went to the LA one a few months back and it was awesome. Thanks for updating with the new dates!


awww dallas is too far away from me :( btw i tagged u check out my blog


i wish to go.. im sooOo broke! i needa damn job =[

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