Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mac Brush Cleaner

I went to the mall yesterday to Macys for some Christmas shopping, but I didn't get anything! Of course I always have to stop by the Mac counter just to glimpse at some things. =] My sis bought an mascara as a gift for her friends. I been wanted to try out their brush cleaner, to see how good it is. And YES its great! The girl told me that if I use dark colors e/s with my brushes, its best to clean them right away so the e/s doesn't stain the brush bristles ( very helpful tip).


  • Big bottle so it would last you a longgggg time.
  • The liquid color is PINK! My current fave. color. =]
  • Pretty reasonal price. $11.00 (It will last you a long time)
  • None as of right now. =]

See how dirty they are? I haven't wash them for weeks!

The After! Nice and clean! Just like brand new.


Makeup Mama

It's hard to walk out of a MAC store without buying anything isn't it? I'd love to know how long this bottle lasts you...oh and I tagged you on my blog :)


I tagged you! you're it! check out my blog. thank's!


omg.. i bought that a couple months ago... and it was $10... prices went up =/

abs ♥

hello my dearest yu have been tagged! and man I love mac brush cleaner it doesn't leave ur brushes feeling like they're over dried!


oh i heart the mac brush cleaner, even better if you can find a spritzer to fit the bottle :D

Beauty is Androgynous

i tagged u in my blog

haulin broad

this brush cleaner is the BOMB! [; okay, your turn, TAG!

Maria Elizabeth

ooh i love seeing my brushes clean after they've been dirty for a while. i tagged you on my blog by the way. & i see a few other people tagged you too, lol.


Oohh I haven't tried their brush cleaner, I'm glad to hear you like it! I love MAC. =)


thanks for this!!! really helpful, I now understand why people are raving about this

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