Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FLIRT! 40 eyeshadow palette

I heard several good ratings on Flirt! 40 eyeshadow palette from Kohls and wanted to try them out. Today after work I stopped by my local Kohls and wanted to check it out. I heard that Flirt! is the owner as MAC, so that's a eye catcher! They also stated that the pigmentation is the same as Mac shadows. So I had to try it out! The price is $21.99 at Kohls, it used to be $25.00 but it was on sale. This is a great palette for those who want to give it as a gift under the budget! Also great for those who just getting into makeup and can't afford Mac or other high end brands.

So any of you guys are interested! Get it before it lasts!!!!!!!

Pigmentation are really good!


Tina Marie Online

Wow those colors are so vibrant! Very pretty. Now I wanna go to Kohl's & buy one! hehe


wow, really? that's a new information I learned today, they are indeed pigmented and the colors look great!


I definitely want to get that!!Can't wait to see what looks you do w/it!!

Now i have to do a 20 min drive to go to my nearest KOHL's!!

Vanessa M.

ooo how pretty!!1 hm mi need to fins a khols now lol!

Celly Annabelle

Makes me wish I wasn't so broke :(
I love your blog!!


omg thats sucha good deal for that palette!!

are they the pots the same size as the mac e/s


Thanks! :) I'm adding you to my bloggie rooll :) and I see you're from OC! cool! :D


Chavonney- Yes these shadows do fit the Mac e/s palette perfectly!


Wooooow!! I'm so getting this now & what a great deal, thanks :)


very pretty I LOVE it I feel jealous now...lol!!! lucky u!!

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