Monday, December 1, 2008

Coastalscents Haul

My CS palettes arrived today!!! I was so excited that my Coastalscents package finally came! I bought some a few stuff for my friend too so we ended spending over $100, which was okay because they had free shipping with purchases of $100 or over within the US. I bought some brushes, blush palette, and a matte 88 palette for her. As for myself, I bought ultra shimmer 88 palette, EZ pressing medium, and a contour palette. We also got a free eyeliner with sharpener as a free gift.

The colors of the shadows are very pigmented, vibrant and HOT! I couldn't believe that when I washed my hands, the shadows are so stubborn that it wouldn't come off! Anyways, I will start enjoying these babies soon!! I am planning to buy the 88 matte palette but still not sure yet. But in the meantime, I can finally start pressing my mineral shadows! =D

See how vibrant and hot the colors are???



i love all the stuff u got....I so need to buy that palette..I really want it!!


I already have the 88 palette and I definitely think its worth buying for a great price!

wow, I really want those contour palette, i hope u can tell more about it later cause I might want to get it =)

Tina Marie Online

I can't wait til my CS package comes in! Gossshhh I'm so anxious to get it. LOL. now you really got me excited!


When did you order these stuffs? they arrive to you sooo fast!! I hope I get mine early too!!! Before Christmas I hope :)


oooh that contour palette looks nice!! how do you like it so far?

uhmmm speaking of alcoholic...I think you're still underage, dear!!! You shouldn't start so young!!! BAD GIRL!

My favorite is the orange muscat & la quinta.....yummmy!!! Lets drink together sometimes. I've never seen you drunk!!!! HAHAHA


I ordered the matte and shimmer 88 palettes, and I can't wait for them to arrive!

I love your page, and it seems as if everyone is switching over to too face shadow insurance. hmmm..blogs are dangerous!


wow its actaully very pigmented.. can u do a look wit the contour palette? iono wut that really is for or how it really works

Shades Of U

That contour palette is frickin' huge! Love your loot. :)

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