Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey gals! Merry Christmas to you lovely bloggers that have been checking out my blog! And thank you for commenting them! I really appreciate it! I've been so busy these last weeks and blog for a while. My family always celebrate Christmas eve together and open the presents at night. I guess its been our tradition for many years! We had such great dinner and also great wine too. Here are some pictures of my me celebrating my Christmas!

Our delicious foood!

With one of my dog "Snowy"

With the significant other! Thats what I gave him for Christmas, was a smooch!

My mom and my sisters

Family portait, with the bfs also.

Me with my presents, it was less than last year LOL.

WOW!!! Two Mac gift cards! I was so HAPPY! oh yea and today I got another Mac gift card from my friend too! Can't wait to hit the mall!



Merry Christmas :) :) :) You and your family looks wonderful :)


haha mac is the way to go! :) happy holidays!


merry christmas! :)
you look like you had an awesome day!


The food looks del! :) The smooch was priceless! hahah! and what a merry christmas indeed! 3 MAC GIftcards?? How lucky can you get?? :) I didn't get any mac gift cards! Waaa! :(


Oh, you are so lucky! ;)

Your Christmas tree looks gorgoeus! I LOVE the combination of colors!

Vanessa M.



happy holidays!


mac is always a girl favorite present =)


Hey miss!!! Sorry Ive been MIA.. hope you ddnt think i forgot to read and comment on you!

i love your holiday look.. the makeup && the shirt. and the photos r amaazing!

merry belated xmas :))))

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