Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Faced Shadow Insurance review

So yesterday I wanted to test out how the TFSI e/s base works compare to the UDPP. In the beginning the TFSI base is a little bit for creamer than the UDPP. As for applying the eyeshadows, they both behave the same way. As for the blend-a-bility, hmm..its pretty hard to choose because to be honest, they both behave the same. One thing I like about my skin is that my eyelids doesn't crease to most eyeshadow bases I used. So I can't really do a good comparisons between UDPP and TFSI. They both behave the same to me, as for their blend-a-bility, I have to give a 3.5 because its so hard for me to blend it out smoothly, you can tell by looking at my pictures below.

I wore the two bases for 6+hours.

TSFI Rating:
Packaging: 5/5
E/s Longlasting : 5/5 ( It did last a long time, my shadows colors stay the same as when I put it on in the morning)
Blend-a-bility: 3.5/5 ( Doesn't blend well as I thought it will be)

Will I purchase again?
-Not anytime soon!

What I have on my eyes: Mac Shadowy Lady quad.

See how my e/s doesn't blend well up to my brow bone? Its just stay chunky where my crease are. =[



thanks for the info !

I'll definitely try the Two Faed Shadow Insurance after I'm done with my UDPP =)

Fabuless Beauty

I love your eyelashes on this shot!


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