Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Victoria secret haul

I went to the mall today with an old friend of mine from HS. I got a gift card from VS and wanted to use it. So i went to the makeup section and found some pretty nice "Very Sexy" eyeshadows.. i bought a dark purple in "Taboo" which looks very shimmery and glittery. I also bought gel liners duo in pink and brown, which i loveeee those colors!!!! Everything all came out to be $25. If you want to use the VS eyeshadows, i recommend applying a base first before applyin the shadows. They looked pigmented but dont be fooled. I had a VS eyeshadow before and it wasnt that great compared to MAC or Nars. So its best to use a base first if you want ur e/s to last all day...=]



Hey girl, y don't you take pictures of the eyelashes? I think ppl. would buy them more if you do that.

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