Friday, August 29, 2008

My DS lite

As you recall, i am loving my ds lite becuz it really help killing times..hahah. As you can see, its a really plane white looking Ds so i wanted to "bling" it out more by adding the Swarovski crystals on them. I bought the Swarovski crystal online at Artbeads with free shipping. They cost around 5-25 cents each depending on the size and the quanity you buy. I recommend buying the size 4mm and E600 glue. WHy??

  1. 4mm is the best size since its not too big or too small. If you really want to "bling" ur accessories like; cellphone, mp3 player, cameras, or DS. etc. its the best becuz its not too big, and it will fit most accessories.
  2. i regret buyin my at 6mm becuz its too big, and its doesnt show much sparkly than the smaller kinds.
  3. E600 glue is the best. It holds on tight, and when you want to take your crystals out, it doesnt leave a nasty dry sticky glue behind like others. Also, it doesnt ruin the surface of your accessories. Thats what my friend told me, and she recommend it. Cuz she decorate her ds and got bored and took off the crystals out, and it look brand new like no one ever decorate it before.
Anywho...i am planning to buy more crystals for my camera becuz the 6mm size are too big!

see how big is the 6mm swarovski crystal are? Not as nice and sparkly than the smaller ones..


Dave Robertson

Hey, Vicky,

Nice design! Just to let your readers know, you can also buy Swarovski crystal beads + the E6000 glue from us here at Rings & Things.

Take care,

at Rings and Things


thats soo cute how you decorated your dS! too bad mines in blue... cant make it too gurlie... hehehe


Thank you for visiting my blog! :) That's such a cute design on your DS. I hope you're not addicted to it like my 7 year old niece... lol~ That's all she wants to do. :/

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