Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybelline Mineral Powder

Yesterday i was browsing around and wanted to try out Everyday Minerals because i heard some pretty good reviews on them. I usually dont wear foundation or powders because i feel fake when i use them. I feel like i have too much makeup if i use it. So i never ever use it, only when i take professional studio pix or going to a special events.

Even if i did use foundation, somehow i feel like my face is being painted with loads of makeup! Foundation is not a bad thing or anything, but i feel that towards myself. But for others, i think that foundation looks so good on them. But not good on me.

So i thought to myself why havent i try minerals foundation? Its more natural and i can wear it to special events without feeling heavy on foundation. So i went on Everyday Minerals site and try out their free kit with the choice of 3 colors foundation, 1 concealer and 1 blush. All i had to do was pay shipping.

SO....while waiting for it to come home, i went to Walmart and bought the Maybelline Mineral Powder and try to see what its like to use minerals foundation. I hope the best will come out when i use minerals because liquid foundation is a lil heavy for my taste. I have to say i am envy to see girls that look so goood with liquid foundation on that looks more natural than how i look with it

Pros: So far, I like it a lot because it gives semi full coverage without me looking fake, and gives me that natural look which i needed. =]

Cons: Just you need to apply multiple times, but that doesnt bother me much. =]

I bought mine in Nude light # 4

Me W/O Maybelline Minerals

With Maybelline Minerals



wow, what a difference. Yeah, I don't normally wear foundation too. But recently I fell in love with Gorgio Armani foundation. If you have a chance, try it. OMG, it's so silky soft and smooth...and it's not thick at all!!! How much did you pay for shipping for EM?

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