Sunday, August 10, 2008

My greatest day ever!!!

Lets rewind about a month back in July when i was in VN for my vacation, and of course we were traveling here and there and were taking some great pictures, and my bf's brother has this Canon sd1000 which i thought was a regular camera, then i try to take some pictures, and wow was i amazed...!!! THe colors of the pictures are sooo vibrant and the lighting wass sooo perfect! I thought to myself, heck i better get this camera! I used to not like the Canon point and shoot camera becuz i always thought the pictures was way toooooo over exposure when you take with Flash, and without flash, the faces came out too dark. So thats y i didnt like using it that much. But after i used the sd1000 and found out they have such great features, i plan to buy it. So yea thats my whole how i got into the Canon sd1000.

Then I was searching online for it, i saw a newer version of the sd1100 came out, they also came with different colors too. So yea i was like lets just get this since i get to choose a color of my choice. So yea i choose PINK..i had a really hard time debating for pink or brown. But somehow i choose pink. The prices are pretty legit becuz i got mine for only $197.00!!!!! With free shipping and free Tax!!! I did went outside the store to shop around, boy they cost about $250! I was lucky that i got a good price from it. I bought it at, such a good site to buy electronics stuff from there. Pretty trusted too! So yea i need a new camera since my old Sony is getting weird, as in taking pictures that are way too exposed...which i hate the most...and other functions. So ya i gave that to my sister.=]

Since i have a new camera, i will be taking the fake eyelashes and be posting them up! And more makeup tutorials too!

OH yea one more thing.... I got my Nintendo Ds lite!! At first i thought i wanted it, but then i realize that isnt it too childish for me?? To be playing games....???? Sooo yea didnt think about it untill 2 weeks ago i saw my friend has a pink ds and she was playing Super Mario(which is my favvvvvv. Game ever!) So yea i was starting to have that feeling of wanting first it looked so cute and compact. SOO heck I wanted it! Just cause it look cute and it has games..haha =P Anywhooo, my bf decided to get it for me since it was a late 2 months BD present...aww sooo sweet of him...!!!>.< I think it is gonna be a good thing since it kills boredom, and it can entertain me! muahah...I got a white one, gosh i love white in everything!



ooohhh game. don't get me addicted with games now :(

How'd you like the camera so far? Is pink cute?

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