Friday, August 8, 2008

Coastal scents new brushes

Coastal scents just promoted their new brushes. To tell u the truth, i been buying their brushes couple times now. And most of them are really good brushes. The good one i want to say are the Italian Badgers brush. The hair are really soft...and it doesnt shred. I been wanting an angle brush, so i am thinking of buying the Italian Badger angle brush. They also has the Jumbo angle brush too but i think they are way too big. SO yea these are their new brushes. OH and one more thing, i also recommend you girls to buy the jumbo fan brush too, it is great for brushing out the leftover eyeshadows that falls under your eyes after y apply on ur eyeshadows. I bought my jumbo fan brush in VN for about $5USD, it yea sucks, but its still usuable and its really soft too.


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