Monday, August 4, 2008

Smokey green eyes

This tutorial is from the palettes that i brought from Vietnam. the colors i chose for this tutorial are dark green, light green and a highlight color under my brows!

1. Start out with a base, i am usin Mac cream base.

2. Start out with a black or ur darkest green first on the lid. You can use applicator or brush.

3. Make sure the eyeshadow goes a little above ur lid.

4. Apply a light green color on top of that and starts blending it towards the top. I am using a Mac brush 259 for this.

5. This is how it should look.

6. Then choose another light green and starts to apply it on the bottom of ur eye.

7. Finally draw black eyeliner on the top and bottom lid of your eyes and put on fake eyelashes for the dramatic look! And you are DONE!


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